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A selection of my favourite travel photos and those from personal projects that showcase the candid moments, and people and places that I have met and visited around the world.

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Empty Spaces

Selected photos that empathize empty space and the absence of things within landscapes or urban areas.

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Washington, DC

The people, places and iconic monuments in the U.S. capital taken during a trip to attend the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting.

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The Millennium Dome

Inside the Millennium Dome: an exhibition containing various zones celebrating the third millennium.

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Charleston, South Carolina

Selected shots of the port city of Charleston, SC and neighborhoods taken during a conference trip.

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Kodachrome 64 (My Last Rolls)

Kodachrome 64 slides as processed by Dwayne's Photo before the lab ceased processing this beloved film emulsion, and scanned using the Minolta Scan Elite 5400.

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William Eggleston (Appreciation)

Selected shots of everyday objects and scenes taken in the style of American photographer William Eggleston.

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Jerusalem, Israel

Photos of the old city of Jerusalem: a surreal and ancient city holy to Jews, Muslims and Christians.

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A photo gallery of some interesting people (men, women & teenagers) that I've met throughout the world.

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Contax G2 (Selected Works)

Selected photos taken with various colour and B&W 35mm film stock and the Contax G2: the world's most advanced rangefinder camera.

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Instant Film (FP-100C)

Scanned fujiroids (Fuji-100C instant film) taken with the Mamiya Universal Press Film Camera + Sekor 100mm F3.5 lens.

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Street Photography

Chance encounters with people and random incidents within public places around the world.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

The people and places I met and visited during a conference trip to this festive city in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

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