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I’ve just had two award winning photos in the Wedding Photojournalism Association (WPJA) contest. There were nearly 23,000 entries from some of the world’s best photographers – judged by genuine experts in the field and recipients of the Pulitzer Prize. So I’m rather delighted! Here are the two photos and the judge’s comments.

Cake Cutting (see contest page here)

“You might wanna think twice about marrying a man who approaches cake cutting like that. Wow. Hope that’s a Scottish tradition. Love the bride’s reaction”.


Portrait of Kids (see contest page here)

“I was so taken by the outrageous quirkiness of this image and there’s a reason why it captured my heart and mind. Look at the scene and what do you see? I noticed the liner shapes and graphics that encapsulated the moment of a child licking a delicious lollipop and another “child” wearing a ridiculous Viking helmet. We are always the child that we were no matter how hard we try to deny it”.


I’m really glad to be part of a society that includes some of the best wedding photographers in the world. You can visit my profile page on their website here.

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