Best Wedding Photos of 2011

wedding photography favourites 2011

I thought I would blog some of my favourite images of last year. I recall photographing some cracking good weddings in 2011, some for friends and others for couples who were guests at weddings I had photographed long ago. I look forward to working with more great couples in 2012. P.S. If you enjoyed this … Read more

Photos of Washington DC, America

photo of washington dc america

As a research scientist (and wedding photographer), I am very fortunate to get the opportunity to present my work at conferences abroad. On this occasion, I presented some work at a scientific meeting (Society of Neuroscience) in Washington, DC in November (2011). And during some time out, and with my camera (e.g., Canon EOS 5D … Read more

San Juan, Puerto Rico | Travel Photography

san juan puerto rico

I am not use to hot weather living in the Midlands, but Puerto Rico was fantastic (and humid as it was close to the hurricane season!). The colours and charm of San Juan made taking pictures easy. The people were so friendly and inviting, which is clearly evident in this gallery. P.S. If you enjoyed … Read more