wedding-photography dorridge village hall jess matt

  It was great seeing some familiar faces at Saturdays’ wedding. I am glad Jess and Matt contacted me after I photographed a friend’s wedding last summer. Well, here’s a little preview of Jess and Matt’s delightful spring wedding in Dorridge. The ceremony took place at the Forest Hotel followed by the reception in Dorridge…Continue Reading “Jess + Matt’s Wedding at Dorridge Village Hall”

boring pictures william eggleston

Some people fail to understand the photographic work of William Eggleston (the father of colour photography). Many people fail to appreciate images that lack a subject-matter. Or an object that isn’t perfectly composed within a rectangular frame. We often have very rigid ideas of what makes a picture interesting (there are compositional rules that help…Continue Reading “Aesthetically Boring Pictures | William Eggleston Appreciation”