Weston Hall Wedding | Jayne + Scott

wedding photography weston hall jayne scott

Here’s a wedding from Weston Hall. Congratulations to Jayne and Scott, who judging from the elaborately decorated cake, enjoy Marvel comic films. I hope you have a lovely honeymoon. Here are a few of my favourite photos from Jayne and Scott’s wedding at Weston Hall. If you enjoyed this blog post please like, share or … Read more

Aesthetically Boring Pictures | William Eggleston Appreciation

boring pictures william eggleston

Some people fail to understand the photographic work of William Eggleston (the father of colour photography). Many people fail to appreciate images that lack a subject-matter. Or an object that isn’t perfectly composed within a rectangular frame. We often have very rigid ideas of what makes a picture interesting (there are compositional rules that help … Read more

Best Wedding Photos of 2015

wedding photography favourites 2015

Here’s a selection of a few of my favourite wedding photos I captured throughout 2015. Only a handful of dates currently available for this year! Really! P.S. If you enjoyed this blog post please like/share and follow. Thank you!

Birmingham Council House Wedding | Win-Yan + Andrew

wedding photography council house win-yan andrew

  Yesterday was a fun-packed wedding. Win-Yan and Andrew (I photographed Andrew’s sister’s wedding back in 2011) got married at the Council House (Birmingham), before heading off to the Chinese quarter for their wedding reception (Chung Ying Garden). I love the energy in these pictures and such lovely people. I hope you all enjoy.   … Read more