Weddings are about two people celebrating their marriage, which is possible because of the time, effort and money spent on the day’s finer details. The dress, shoes, flowers, etc., also reflect people’s personality, so it’s important not to miss such details.

As a documentary style wedding photographer, I mostly look for opportunities to take pictures of the finer details as they were found, rather than taking photos that look like they were staged. Sometimes this isn’t possible – but I try first, before intervening!

As the day unfolds, you are presented with many opportunities to take pictures of objects and things that make the day possible. Here’s my list of must have wedding photos of the day’s finer details.

1. Preparation Details.

During the morning preparations you will notice details in the room that make the day possible. For example, perfume bottles, clothing not necessarily worn during the ceremony, but nonetheless important (e.g., comfortable shoes, funny socks!), or a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts the bride and bridesmaids shared for breakfast! These things may look ordinary, but they tell a story. Oh, and don’t forget to take photos of the brides wedding dress, shoes and floral decorations!

Morning Preparation Details 1
Morning Preparation Details 2
Morning Preparation Details 3
Morning Preparation Details 4
Morning Preparation Details 5
Morning Preparation Details 6
Morning Preparation Details 7
Morning Preparation Details 8
Morning Preparation Details 9
Morning Preparation Details 10
Morning Preparation Details 11
Morning Preparation Details 12
Morning Preparation Details 13
Morning Preparation Details 14
Morning Preparation Details 15
Morning Preparation Details 16

2. Ceremonial Details.

At the start of the ceremony, guests and family will arrive at the venue looking their best, so take photos of their attire. They will mostly likely be handed an ‘order of service’. Again, a nice shot! Inside the venue, flowers will be displayed alongside other decorations – so don’t forget to capture these significant finer details. And during the ceremony, rings will be exchanged, a candle maybe lit, and the marriage license proudly shown off.

Wedding Ceremonial Details 1
Wedding Ceremonial Details 2
Wedding Ceremonial Details 3
Wedding Ceremonial Details 4
Wedding Ceremonial Details 5
Wedding Ceremonial Details 6
Wedding Ceremonial Details 7
Wedding Ceremonial Details 8
Wedding Ceremonial Details 9
Wedding Ceremonial Details 10
Wedding Ceremonial Details 11
Wedding Ceremonial Details 12

3. Wedding Breakfast Details.

During the wedding breakfast, the entire room will be highly decorated and looking it’s best for the feast ahead. Tables will be adorned with place settings, centrepieces, flowers, and other small details. The room possibly draped in bunting, more flowers and fancy lighting. And the cake will most likely be set-up in the corner of the room. Look around and snap away and get in first before the guests take their seats!

Wedding Breakfast Details 1
Wedding Breakfast Details 2
Wedding Breakfast Details 3
Wedding Breakfast Details 4
Wedding Breakfast Details 5
Wedding Breakfast Details 6
Wedding Breakfast Details 7
Wedding Breakfast Details 8
Wedding Breakfast Details 9
Wedding Breakfast Details 10
Wedding Breakfast Details 11
Wedding Breakfast Details 12
Wedding Breakfast Details 13
Wedding Breakfast Details 14
Wedding Breakfast Details 15
Wedding Breakfast Details 16

4. Evening Reception Details.

There are many finer details to photograph during the evening reception. Such as personal items of clothing and jewellery. Gifts maybe shared, rituals maybe performed, and props used for larking around. Get in close to the action.

Evening Reception Details 1
Evening Reception Details 2
Evening Reception Details 3
Evening Reception Details 4
Evening Reception Details 5
Evening Reception Details 6
Evening Reception Details 7
Evening Reception Details 8
Evening Reception Details 9
Evening Reception Details 10
Evening Reception Details 11
Evening Reception Details 12
Evening Reception Details 13

5. Personal Items.

It’s quite possible that the bride and groom will have treated themselves to something special to wear or carry with them on the day. You may catch a photo of them showing this item to friends and family. You’ll need to have ‘eagle eyes’ to catch these moments!

Personal Details 1
Personal Details 2
Personal Details 3
Personal Details 4
Personal Details 5
Personal Details 6
Personal Details 7
Personal Details 8
Personal Details 9
Personal Details 10

6. Formal Details.

Some couples may request formal shots of the dress, flowers, shoes, etc. In which case you want to look for an uncluttered backdrop to place the items in front of, so there are no distracting features in the background.

Formal Details 1
Formal Details 2
Formal Details 3
Formal Details 4
Formal Details 5
Formal Details 6
Formal Details 7
Formal Details 8
Formal Details 9
Formal Details 10
Formal Details 11
Formal Details 12
Formal Details 13
Formal Details 14
Formal Details 15
Formal Details 16

7. Candid Details.

Many photos of the day’s finer details look best when they’re captured in situ. The dress can look better when it’s being worn, and the rings more natural when they’re on the finger.

Candid Details 1
Candid Details 2
Candid Details 3
Candid Details 4
Candid Details 5
Candid Details 6
Candid Details 7
Candid Details 8
Candid Details 9
Candid Details 10
Candid Details 11
Candid Details 12
Candid Details 13
Candid Details 14
Candid Details 15

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