favourite contax g2
Jul 16, 2015 0 Personal

Personal Favourites | Contax G2

When I am not shooting digitally I love to use the Contax G2 rangefinder camera (with Kodak Tri-X 400 or Kodak Portra…

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charleston south carolina
Jun 10, 2015 0 Personal

Charleston, South Carolina | Travel Photography

I visited Charleston, South Carolina a few weeks ago for a scientific conference where I was also presenting some work (yes, I…

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personal projects world naked bike ride hastings
Jun 7, 2014 0 Personal

World Naked Bike Ride | Hastings

Here are a few random pictures I took in Sussex recently. And a trip to Hastings just happened to coincide with the…

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travel photography amsterdam netherlands
Apr 27, 2014 1 Personal

Holland, Amsterdam | Travel Photography

Here are a few travel phots that I took recently in Amsterdam whilst attending a conference. What can I say about Amsterdam…

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burwash 35mm film
Jan 23, 2014 0 Personal

Burwash | How we use to look!

After almost 25 years I finally got round to scanning some old 35mm negatives. I took these pictures while growing up in…

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street photography
Dec 6, 2013 0 Personal

Street Photography | Personal Favourites

When on holiday or away attending a conference I like to wander off and take pictures of people in candid or natural…

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ricoh gr london
Oct 22, 2013 4 Personal

London | Ricoh GR Sample Images

Here are a few more images taken in London with the new Ricoh GR. Great little camera! P.S. If you enjoyed this…

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ricoh gr bexhill
Oct 22, 2013 4 Personal

East Sussex | Ricoh GR Sample Images

I’ve held back buying a compact camera for years as I’ve been too use to the image quality from SLR’s. But the…

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