boring pictures william eggleston

Some people fail to understand the photographic work of William Eggleston (the father of colour photography). Many people fail to appreciate images that lack a subject-matter. Or an object that isn’t perfectly composed within a rectangular frame. We often have very rigid ideas of what makes a picture interesting (there are compositional rules that help…Continue Reading “Aesthetically Boring Pictures | William Eggleston Appreciation”

fuji fp100c

The Mamiya Universal is a classic medium format rangefinder camera introduced in 1969 that takes a Polaroid back, which I used recently with a few packs of Fuji FP-100C instant colour film. It’s a great looking camera and easy to use, but quite heavy for long periods of street work, although Weegee (Arthur Fellig) managed…Continue Reading “Shooting with the Mamiya Universal + FP-100c Film”