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summer break bexhill hastings
Dec 1, 2018 2 35mm Film

Bexhill + Hastings | Kodak ColorPlus 200

I grew up in East Sussex and each summer I enjoy visiting family who still live there. Bexhill and Hastings are also…

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fuji superia little hereford fete
Dec 1, 2018 0 35mm Film

Little Hereford Summer Fete | Fuji Superia 200

I’ve visited this country fete a few times in recent years and every time I wish I had taken my camera. It’s…

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blackpool autumn break
Nov 21, 2018 0 35mm Film

Blackpool Autumn Break | Fuji C200

In recent years we have headed off to Blackpool in October to view the illuminations. This time I took my Canon EOS-3…

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millennium dome
Sep 22, 2018 0 35mm Film

Remembering The Millennium Dome | Polaroid 200

Ever wondered what was inside the O2 Arena back in 2000 when it was the Millennium Dome? Well, back in 1999 I…

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digbeth art mamiya fp100c
Apr 8, 2018 0 35mm Film

Digbeth Street Art | Mamiya Universal + FP-100C

I previously posted some Fuji FP-100C instant photos of the East Sussex coast taken with the Mamiya Universal camera, and thought I…

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boring pictures william eggleston
Feb 22, 2016 0 35mm Film

Aesthetically Boring Pictures | William Eggleston Appreciation

Some people fail to understand the photographic work of William Eggleston (the father of colour photography). Many people fail to appreciate images…

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mamiya fp100c
Sep 10, 2015 8 35mm Film

The Sussex Coast | Mamiya Universal + FP-100C

The Mamiya Universal Press is a classic medium format rangefinder camera introduced in 1969, which can take a Polaroid back. I used…

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favourite contax g2
Jul 16, 2015 0 35mm Film

Personal Favourites | Contax G2

When I am not shooting digitally I love to use the Contax G2 rangefinder camera (with Kodak Tri-X 400 or Kodak Portra…

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