Kodak ColorPlus 200 Sample Photos | Bexhill & Hastings

Kodak ColorPlus 200 Sample Photos of Bexhill and Hastings with Contax G2

Most summer, I enjoy visiting relatives who live in East Sussex. Bexhill and Hastings are two places on the coast that I like to visit. On this occasion, I loaded my Contax G2 35mm rangefinder film camera with some rolls of Kodak ColorPlus 200 35mm colour film. Check out the sample photos below! I have … Read more

Fuji C200 Sample Photos | Blackpool

Blackpool and Fuji C200 35mm colour film

These sample photos were taken with Fuji C200 colour 35mm film and Kodak 400TX 35mm black & white film in Blackpool. I take the family to Blackpool most years to see the illuminations. On this occasion, I took the Canon EOS-3 SLR camera, 50mm f1.8 lens, and some budget 35mm color film (e.g., Fuji C200). … Read more

Konica Centuria 200 Sample Photos | Millennium Dome

konica centuria 200 sample photos millennium dome

The sample photos in this post were taken with Konica Centuria 200 35mm colour film. Ever wondered what was inside the O2 Arena in the year 2000 when it was called the Millennium Dome? In 1999, I was studying for a Master’s degree in Neuroscience at UCL, London. And my future wife and I visited … Read more

FP-100C Sample Photos & Mamiya Press | Digbeth

digbeth art mamiya fp100c

I have previously posted some sample photos of the East Sussex coast taken with Fuji FP-100C instant colour film and the Mamiya Universal Press camera. In this post, I showcase more Fuji FP-100C sample photos that I took recently of the street art and graffiti in Digbeth, Birmingham. Apart from taking photos in Birmingham for … Read more

FP-100C Sample Photos & Mamiya Press | The Sussex Coast

fp100c sample photos mamiya press

The Mamiya Universal Press is a classic medium format rangefinder camera introduced in 1969. It can take a Polaroid back for shooting Fuji FP-100C instant colour film. I used this set-up recently for taking some sample photos in Sussex. It’s a great looking / well-built camera and easy to use, but heavy for long periods … Read more