Genesis The Last Domino? Tour | Photos

This blog post is for all you Genesis fans out there. And for those thinking of getting tickets to see this iconic British band play on The Last Domino? Tour. I’ve been a fan of Genesis (and Phil Collins) since the ’80s and went to see them live in Birmingham recently (now Covid restrictions have … Read more

Nikon Coolpix 950 | Sample Images

Nikon Coolpix 950 Sample Image

In 1999, an article was published in a popular photography magazine that suggested the Nikon Coolpix 950 was one of the first digital cameras to produce images that could rival 35mm film! I can’t remember the name of the photography magazine, but this was a bold statement in the day when digital was trying to … Read more

Canon PowerShot G1 | Sample Photos

Canon PowerShot G1 Sample Photos

The original Canon PowerShot G1 is a classic digital camera because it was one of the first prosumer (i.e., a mix of a consumer and a professional camera) digital cameras on the market. What followed from Canon was a very successful line of compact digital cameras. The 3.3-megapixel images it captures are less “digital looking” (i.e., … Read more

Essential Wedding Photos of the Finer Details

Must have wedding photos of the finer details

In this post, I’m going to list the essential wedding photos to take of the day’s finer details from the point of view of a documentary-style wedding photographer. Why, because today many engaged couples prefer candid and natural-looking wedding photos. It’s also essential to have wedding photos of the finer details (e.g., dress, shoes, flowers, … Read more

West Midlands Wedding Photographer | Looking Back

Wedding Photographer Birmingham

When I started as a wedding photographer in the West Midlands about 20 years ago (to fund my university education and Ph.D.), wedding photography was very different from what it is now. The wedding photos that photographers took in the past were very different from what they shoot today. Dutch angle photography, for example, is … Read more

List of Must-Have Wedding Ceremony Photos

Must have wedding ceremony photos

One of the most important parts of a wedding is the ceremony. In this post, I’m going to list the must-have wedding photos to take during the wedding ceremony that newlyweds will want to look back on after their special day. This list of essential wedding ceremony photos is also from the point-of-view of a … Read more

Wedding Photography at The Bond, Digbeth | Lorna & Ciaran

Wedding photography at The Bond, Birmingham

Wedding photography at “The Bond” is always fun! I returned to The Bond, Digbeth in Fazeley Street, Birmingham, recently to photograph the summer wedding of Lorna and Ciaran. The day began at the Jewellery Suites in the jewellery quarter. I arrived early to take pictures of Lorna and her family getting ready. The atmosphere was … Read more