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Wedding testimonial from Maria + Noel
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“Just wanted to thank you and to say how pleased Maria and I were with the photos you took for our Wedding day. A great mix of family, posing, formal and informal. We are really pleased. You did a great job.”

Marie & Noel
Wedding testimonial from Fatima + Adam
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“We absolutely loved the photos! So much so that we forgot to reply to say how lovely they are and thank you for capturing these moments. We will definitely recommend you to our friends!”

Fatima & Adam
Wedding testimonial from Helen + Greg
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“Helen and I shared these photos with our family & friends and we have had so many lovely comments. Thank you once again for all of your great work.”

Helen & Greg
Wedding testimonial from Julie + Will
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“Thanks again, they're great and really tell the story of our day (life). We will recommend you to anyone who asks.”

Julie & Will
Wedding testimonial from Hannah + Richard
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“Thanks for publishing the blog so quickly, we really enjoyed looking through the photos and can't wait to see some more, they are fantastic! I've shared the link on Facebook so everyone will be able share them. Thanks so much for being such a great part of our wedding, we will definitely be recommending you to our friends.”

Hannah & Richard
Wedding testimonial from Jess + Matt
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“Thank you so much for all of your work on our wedding day – you were amazing, and I love the photos you put up on your blog post, they’re perfect – exactly what I was hoping for.”

Jess & Matt
Wedding testimonial from Amy + Lawrence
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“Thank you so much for capturing our wedding so wonderfully, we can't wait to see the full set of pictures. Everyone we've shared your blog has loved the pictures you've taken and we feel very lucky that we found someone who was able to document the day so well. We would be very pleased to pass on our praise to anyone who may wish to speak to previous clients.”

Amy & Lawrence
Wedding testimonial from Catherine + Simon
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“Paul was fantastic throughout the day. He was calm but assertive and well-liked by our friends and family. Paul was the only photographer we contacted to take our wedding photos - his photographs from previous weddings really stood out for us and we were very happy to find someone who didn't rely on lots of Photoshop. The photos Paul created were a beautiful and realistic depiction of our day and we couldn't be happier with the results.”

Catherine & Simon
Wedding testimonial from Hannah + Ian
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“Thank you so much for the lovely preview of our wedding photos. They are wonderful, and really capture how the day felt to us!”

Hannah & Ian
Wedding testimonial from Natasha + Chris
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“They look beautiful, they brought it all back for me! Its lovely to see the lads getting ready (and our little boy). I have sent the link out to all of our family. We will be recommending you to all of our friends! So excited to see the rest.”

Natasha & Chris
Wedding testimonial from Amber + Kevin
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“Just wanted to say once again, how much we appreciated your part on our wedding day. You were a part of the day without interfering or having any of the potential negative impact a wedding photographer can have. We love the photos on your blog and are really keen to see the rest of them.”

Amber & Kevin
Wedding testimonial from Catherine + Stephen
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“Oh wow!! You have brought out the vivacity of colour zing and liveliness of the day! Some have made us cry, some have made us burst into laughter. We enjoyed the process and you have quite the panther-like stealth, some of these we weren't even aware you were there! Can't wait to see even more, these are so wonderful that I might have to take breaks, and yet it is so addictive scrolling through, I didn't want to get to the end.”

Catherine & Stephen
Wedding testimonial from Laura + Jamie
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“The pictures look fantastic! Me and Laura can't thank you enough. You have captured our day amazingly. You're a top top professional and person.”

Laura & Jamie
Wedding testimonial from Sarah + Chris
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“Thank you so much for making the journey from Birmingham to capture our big day. We are so happy to have found someone who can make us feel so relaxed and capture all the special moments at our wedding. Thank you!”

Sarah & Chris
Wedding testimonial from Beth + James
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“These are so incredible thanks a million again! I can't wait to see the rest. I can't wait to share them with everyone! I will be recommending you to all.”

Beth & James
Wedding testimonial from Rebecca + Simon
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“Paul, you have captured our day brilliantly, we cannot wait to see the rest! You have created some beautiful images without anyone even knowing you were there. Our memories are still very fresh yet this wonderful set of reminders has sparked the recollection of moments that had already been forgotten or missed. Cannot thank you enough xx.”

Rebecca & Simon
Wedding testimonial from Laura + Gavin
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“Thank you so much for photographing our wedding last week. You really made Gavin and myself feel at ease; especially as neither of us likes having a photo taken. It is fantastic that we have been able to see some of the photos so quickly. They are amazing!!! I am so glad that we have some amazing images to help us remember this day. Thanks again.”

Laura & Gavin
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“Thank you so much for all of your hard work at our wedding. We had a superb day and now superb pictures to remember it by!”

Tamsyn & Tim
Wedding testimonial from Lucy + Simon
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“Can't wait to see the rest! They are amazing! X.”

Lucy & Simon
Wedding testimonial from Ruth + Kirk
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“We cannot tell you how happy we are with the amazing photos thank you so much for your hard work. Speak to you soon! x.”

Ruth & Kirk
Wedding testimonial from Frances + Tom
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“Just a note to say how pleased we are with the photos from our wedding in December. We feel that you have perfectly captured the atmosphere of the day. After our honeymoon we finally found the time to sit down and look through them properly to choose some for our album. It was then that we realised just what a great job you had done as there was so much to choose from.”

Frances & Tom
Wedding testimonial from Helen + David
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“Hello Paul! I hope this email finds you well! Helen and I just wanted to email to say thank you so much for photographing our wedding. You were brilliant and we already love the pictures you’ve put up on your website. Thanks again :)”

Helen & David
Wedding testimonial from Katie + Jamie
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“One word...WOW!!! These pictures are fantastic, we absolutely love them! You’ve done an amazing job.”

Katie & Jamie
Wedding testimonial from Rachel + Andy
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“Thank you so much Paul, your photos are beautiful!!! You were amazing on the day and captured it all so perfectly... Most of these photos we didn’t even notice you taking!”

Rachel & Andy
Wedding testimonial from Tracey + Neil
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“We contacted Paul after an internet search and right from our first conversation, he put us at ease. When he came to see us and we talked through what we were looking for, we knew that we had chosen the right man. He got us straight away and chipped in with some great ideas that matched ours. We now have our photos and they are the perfect momento of a perfect day – many thanks Paul.”

Tracey & Neil
Wedding testimonial from Kate + Alex
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“Thank you Paul! These are amazing and you were so great on the day! We couldn’t have had anyone better.”

Kate & Alex