• One of Birmingham’s top wedding photographers
    “One of Birmingham’s top wedding photographers”
  • Wedding photographer of the year finalist
    “Wedding photographer of the year finalist”
  • One of the finest wedding photographers in Birmingham to capture your big day!
    “One of the finest wedding photographers in Birmingham to capture your big day!”

Hi, my name is Paul Pope. I'm an international award-winning wedding photographer based in Birmingham, West Midlands.

I’ve been photographing weddings, engagements & elopements for over fifteen years, and named one of the best wedding photographers in Birmingham. I'm a multi WPJA winner: ranked alongside some of the best wedding photographers in the world. And my work has appeared in many wedding magazines and online guides.

Wedding Portfolio

A selection of my favourite wedding photos spanning 15 years that showcase my unobtrusive and candid style of award-winning wedding photography.

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Related Galleries

Here you can view additional galleries from my wedding portfolio.

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Getting Ready

Shots that spontaneously capture the prepping, grooming, arranging, outfitting, and nail-biting before the ceremony.

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Moments of those who participate in the wedding (guests, family and bridal party) during the processional, ceremony, and recessional.

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Moments that unobtrusively freeze intriguing expressions ranging from joy to tears.

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Creative Portrait

A fresh and artistic approach to portraiture in capturing the bride, groom, bridal party, family, friends, children and/or any other posed wedding party member.

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Details (Found)

Tighter shots of the day’s small details as they were found. This includes clothes, rings, food, linens, flowers, faces, etc.

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"The big party". Photos of the post-ceremony festivities from the cocktail hour through to the last dance and the bride and groom’s departure.

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Selected photos of babies and children at weddings doing what they do best (kids being kids)!

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Wedding photos that capture celebrations during the wedding day in a joyful and exuberant way.

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Selected shots of individuals or groups toasting, as well as those giving toast-related speeches throughout the day.

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Posed portraiture of the bride, groom and/or any other wedding party member.

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Other Vendors

Musicians, DJs, bands, wedding planners, reception hall staff, florists, caterers, etc., performing their job to make the wedding day possible.

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Selected photos that capture the fun, joy and laughter during a pre-wedding portrait session.

Award-Winning Birmingham Wedding Photographer.

Personal Projects

A selection of my favourite travel photos and those from personal projects that showcase the candid moments, and people and places that I have met and visited around the world.

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Related Projects

Here you can view additional galleries from my travel portfolio and those from personal projects.

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Empty Spaces

Selected photos that empathize empty space and the absence of things within landscapes or urban areas.

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Washington, DC

The people, places and iconic monuments in the U.S. capital taken during a trip to attend the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting.

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The Millennium Dome

Inside the Millennium Dome: an exhibition containing various zones celebrating the third millennium.

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Charleston, South Carolina

Selected shots of the port city of Charleston, SC and neighborhoods taken during a conference trip.

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Kodachrome 64 (My Last Rolls)

Kodachrome 64 slides as processed by Dwayne's Photo before the lab ceased processing this beloved film emulsion, and scanned using the Minolta Scan Elite 5400.

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William Eggleston (Appreciation)

Selected shots of everyday objects and scenes taken in the style of American photographer William Eggleston.

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Jerusalem, Israel

Photos of the old city of Jerusalem: a surreal and ancient city holy to Jews, Muslims and Christians.

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A photo gallery of some interesting people (men, women & teenagers) that I've met throughout the world.

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Contax G2 (Selected Works)

Selected photos taken with various colour and B&W 35mm film stock and the Contax G2: the world's most advanced rangefinder camera.

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Instant Film (FP-100C)

Scanned fujiroids (Fuji-100C instant film) taken with the Mamiya Universal Press Film Camera + Sekor 100mm F3.5 lens.

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Street Photography

Chance encounters with people and random incidents within public places around the world.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

The people and places I met and visited during a conference trip to this festive city in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.


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